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We appreciate your interest in Johnson C. Smith University and have created a personal online environment just for you! This customized space is designed to help you understand and explore the many opportunities waiting for you at Johnson C. Smith University. To access your personalized JCSU webspace, enter your username and password in the login box to the left. If this is your first visit, click the link above to complete the custom profile and receive your login information.
The JCSU President, faculty, and students, are eager to welcome you to our institution and introduce you to the core ideology behind our commitment to higher learning and discuss the academic credentials and curriculum features unique to your college, as well as some of the many opportunities for excellence that await you in class and around campus at JCSU.
This space will also provide you with detailed academic program and course information to help you find your passion, links to video and social media content, and much more. You can also explore the thriving student-led campus life at JCSU and find the clubs, activities, and even the residential experience that's right for you!
Login now to become an online member of the Golden Bull family and find out why Johnson C. Smith University is Charlotte's premier independent urban university!